ELPH workshop C013
"Meson Production and Meson-Baryon Interaction"

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  • H. Fujioka (Kyoto Univ.)
  • T. Ishikawa (ELPH, Tohoku Univ.)
  • D. Jido (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
  • H. Kamano (RCNP, Osaka Univ.)
  • H. Kanda (Tohoku Univ.)
  • H. Nagahiro (Nara Woman Univ.)
  • T. Sekihara (RCNP, Osaka Univ.)
Participant list
ID Party Lunch13 Lunch14 NameAffiliationTitleSlide
D Yes Yes No Madhumita Dhar University of Giessen A SU(3) Octet study of the effect of Meson-Baryon Vertices on Baryon-Baryon Interaction slide (PDF)
F Yes Yes Yes Hiroyuki Fujioka Kyoto Univ. Experimental sudies of ηprime-nucleus system with hadron beam slide (PDF)
H Yes Yes Yes Johann Haidenbauer Forschungszentrum Juelich DN and KbarN interactions with the Juelich meson-exchange model slide (PDF)
H No No No Hiroyuki Hama ELPH Tohoku Univ. ELPH facility slide (PDF)
H Yes Yes Yes Tadashi Hashimoto RIKEN Nishina Center Kaonic nuclei search via the in-flight (K-, n) reaction on helium-3 slide (PDF)
H Yes Yes Yes Florian Hauenstein Forschungszentrum Juelich Two-pion Production Reactions and the Observation of the d*(2380) Dibaryon slide (PDF)
H No Yes No Kazuhisa Honda Tohoku Univ. Study of γd→K+Λn through 3-track detected events with the NKS2
H No Yes Yes Yuki Honda ELPH, Tohoku Univ.
I Yes Yes Yes Kentaro Inoue RCNP, Osaka Univ. Spectroscopic study of hyperon resonance below KN threshold via the d(K, n) reaction at J-PARC slide (PDF)
I No No No Yosuke INOUE ELPH, Tohoku Univ.
I Yes Yes Yes Takatsugu Ishikawa ELPH, Tohkou Univ. Upgrade plan of FOREST for meson photo-production experiments at ELPH slide (PDF)
K Yes Yes Yes Hiroyuki Kamano RCNP, Osaka Univ.
K Yes Yes Yes Hiroki Kanda Tohoku Univ. Double pion photoproduction on a deuteron for the search of two-baryonic resonances at ELPH slide (PDF)
K No No No Masashi Kaneta Tohoku Univ.
K No No No Satoshi Kido ELPH, Tohoku University
K Yes Yes Yes Sangho Kim RCNP, Osaka Univ. Production of strange and charmed baryons in pion-induced reaction processes slide (PDF)
M No No No Kazushige Maeda Tohoku Univ.
M Yes Yes Yes Terry Mart Universitas Indonesia Effect of the different formulations in spin 3/2 and 5/2 nucleon resonance on kaon photoproduction slide (PDF)
M Yes Yes Yes Manabu Miyabe ELPH, Tohkou Univ. Recent results and future prospects of LEPS and LEPS2 slide (PPTX)
M Yes Yes Yes Moeki Miyatani Nara Women's University Theoretical formation spectra of η(958) mesic nuclei by the (γ, d) reaction slide (PDF)
M Yes Yes Yes Norihito Muramatsu ELPH, Tohoku University
M No No No Yuta Muroi Tohoku Univ.
N Yes Yes Yes Hideko Nagahiro Nara Women's University
N No No No Satoshi N. Nakamura Tohoku Univ.
N No No No Aki Ninomiya Tohoku Univ.
N Yes Yes Yes Takahiro Nishi RIKEN Nishina center Missing mass spectroscopy of pionic atoms and η-prime nuclei slide (PDF)
S Yes Yes Yes Takayasu Sekihara RCNP, Osaka Univ.
S Yes Yes Yes Kenji Sasaki CCS, Tsukuba Univ. Lattice QCD Studies of baryon-bayon interactions and dibaryon states slide (PDF)
S Yes No No Hajime Shimizu ELPH, Tohoku University
S Yes Yes Yes Shoji Shinmura Gifu Univ. A Unified Model of Hadron-Hadron Interactions at Low Energies and Light Hadron Spectroscopies slide (PDF)
T Yes Yes Yes Atsushi Tokiyasu ELPH, Tohoku Univ.
T Yes Yes Yes Yusuke Tsuchikawa ELPH, Tohoku Univ.
Y Yes Yes Yes Shigehiro Yasui Tokyo Institute of Technology Effective theory with heavy quark symmetry for decays of excited heavy baryons slide (PPTX)
Y Yes Yes Yes Junko Yamagata-Sekihara National Institute of Technology, Oshima College Structure and formation spectra of Dbar meson-nucleus systems slide (PDF)

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